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When It's Time to Get a Notary Public Need a document notarized? Many established businesses and government agencies will require you to notarize documents for validity. If you fall in this category and need a documents stamped by a public notary then be sure to check out this PO Box location. We have public notaries staffed to help you get all your documents approved. Check out new promotional offers for those who haven't used our notary services before.
Possible Complications of an Old Passport Photo A really old or outdated passport photo can really cost you when it's time to line up at immigration or when you need to show it to law enforcement authorities. While typically, a passport has five or eight years of validity, you might have changed your hairstyle or color, had your face tattooed or grown wrinkles within a relatively short period of time. So you might want to consider how establishing your true identity can affect these kinds of lifestyle changes.

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Even when you're not moving, having a PO box of your own can save you from a lot of hassles. Like lost mail for instance, or not getting the privacy that you want from sharing a single mailbox with your whole family. You have lots of secrets to protect, like a new fling? PO Box rental is the answer.

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The trouble with regular mailing services is that you won't get any privacy or exclusive access to your correspondences and deliveries. The whole neighborhood knows when you have new mail coming. With PO box rental, no one knows when you have mail. True, the clerk over at mailing services knows when you have something new. However, he or she is bound by a sacred duty to not tell anyone or even to ignore knowing that you have received your latest correspondence. After all, the average mailing services contract ensures the privacy of the clientele.

Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft

Next to your privacy, your identity is a personal possession that you need to protect at all cost, especially with the steadily rising incidence of identity theft. And that's why you need to guard your passport with your life. Your passport ensures that you have a formal identification in addition to identification cards already in your possession. Therefore, it's important to make sure that your passport hasn't expired and that your passport photograph is valid.

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Luckily for you, a notary or passport service can't be far from the mailing and other related services that you need in the typical strip mall or commercial center. Printing, scanning, laminating and even shredding confidential documents can often be done under one roof. And don't forget, you can usually buy stamps in these places, too. More importantly, you also get confidential documents you don't need to keep to be destroyed.

So while you make sure that you have enough stamps for your mailings, you can also protect yourself against hackers who go through the trouble of rummaging through domestic garbage to steal identity and sensitive data alike.